Pickleball Club

ONCC Pickleball Court Use
ONCC has approved use of the association's (4) pickleball courts as follows:
Oaks North Residents who are not Pickleball Club members may only use courts 1 & 2 (near the lawn bowls green) between the hours of 11:30 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, on a first come, first use basis. Play is limited to 2 hours per use.  Reservations cannot be made.  Use of courts 3 & 4 (shared, multi-use courts) is restricted to Pickleball Club members ONLY at all times. 
A maximum of 3 guests at a time are allowed to use courts 1 & 2 only, during the same times designated for non-club member Oaks North residents use of courts 1 & 2.  Playing time is limited to two hours maximum per use.  A resident of Oaks North must be also be playing when non-resident guests are on the courts.  NO guests or non- Pickleball Club members are allowed the use of courts 3 & 4 at any time.  All persons using the courts must obey the Pickleball Club Code of Conduct at all times.
Restricted paddle use on ONCC pickleball courts: 
Oaks North Community Center has adopted the SCG paddle rules & restrictions as the basic rules for paddle use on all courts.  ONCC and the Pickleball Club Board reserves the right to restrict ANY PADDLE, at any time, deemed not quiet enough for play on courts  3 & 4, even if listed as approved on the SCG Green Zone list.  Only approved "Green Zone" quiet paddles and "quiet" balls may be used on courts  3 & 4.  There are no paddle or ball use restrictions on the upper courts  1 & 2. 
Pickleball is one of the fastest growing activities in the country, especially among active 55+ year olds.  Combining elements of tennis, ping pong and badminton, pickleball offers great exercise, fun and friendly spirited competition without the running required in tennis.  The Pickleball Club is the largest organized club at the Oaks North Community Center, with a current membership of 135 ONCC residents.  
Membership in the club is open to Oaks North residents only and all current ONCC residents are welcome to join. Please view the ONPC CODE OF CONDUCT that all members are expected to abide by.