Pickleball Club

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the Oaks North Board has imposed certain restrictions for court use. Until further notice, only PICKLEBALL CLUB MEMBERS are allowed to use the courts on a reservation basis only. No guests are allowed at this time.
If interested in joining the Pickleball Club, click here for a membership application.
Pickleball is one of the fastest growing activities in the country, especially among active 55+ year olds.  It combines elements of tennis and ping pong, allowing for exercise, fun, and spirited competition without the amount of running required in tennis.
The pickleball club is the second largest club at the community center with 84 Oaks North resident members.  Until the recent playing restrictions, many members used the courts every day. We do not have "open" play at this time. All Oaks North residents are welcome to join the Pickleball Club.  Membership is $20.00 per person per calendar year.