Many questions are frequently asked of the Board or the business office staff. Some of those will be answered in the questions and answers below.  

Community Center Use
  • What are the annual dues for the association?
    The dues currently are $450 per year, but subject to change by the Board of Directors. They are one annual payment, due on July 1st each year and delinquent on August 1st.
  • I don't use the Community Center. Do I have to pay dues?
    Yes, every property owner in Oaks North is required to pay dues whether they use the facility or not. This is a requirement written into your governing documents of your property ownership.
  • Can I bring guests to the Center?
    Yes, with some restrictions. There are specific rules regarding age restrictions and number of guests allowed. The Center Rules and Regulations are available here on the website under the MEMBERS page. Or, you can contact the office staff for any specific questions you have.
  • How do I get access to the Center?
    Every member in good standing is eligible to obtain no more than 2 electronic fobs per residence, rather than a key, to unlock the gates.  Fobs may be obtained from the business office during regular hours, at the cost of $50.00 each. This is a purchase, not a deposit and to replace lost fobs requires a new purchase.