Hiking Group

Join the Hiking Group and experience great San Diego county trails and surrounding areas. This enthusiastic informal group meets every Wednesday morning at 7:50 AM in the far end of the Center parking lot, just below the lawn bowling green. 
From there, they carpool to the designated trailhead for the hike of the day. Or, you can get directions, drive yourself and meet the group at the location.  Hikes are generally around 5 miles in length.  Depending on where the hike is located and the distance, some of the hikes are half day, others can be much longer.
Hikes are rated easy, moderate, moderately strenuous and strenuous.  Within the group are fast, medium and slower hikers. You can feel comfortable there will be companions to share the experience with you at whatever your comfort level is.
If you enjoy hiking and being outdoors, you'll certainly feel at home with us.  Come give the Hiking Group a try.