Board Vice President - Roberta Mikles

I've lived in Oaks North for over 20 years, having first been introduced to the community while visiting my parents who lived here at the time. The community is a fantastic place to live, with everything anyone could ask for.  Currently serving as vice president on the Board just seems natural to my volunteer history.
My various board experiences include having served on HOA boards, hospital council, the RB Planning Board, the RB Community Council and an Advisory Board member to the California Department of Health.
In addition to serving as an Oaks North board member, other volunteer positions I've held since moving here include participation on many different ONCC committees.  I helped revamp the activities program with the addition of brunches, wine down Wednesday and bringing many interesting professional speakers to the center.
Having often been called "the member advocate for Oaks North", I've always felt honored to volunteer in service to the community.