Board Member - Georgie Deno

When I was growing up, my family lived in a large community that was family oriented.  People were friendly; we knew our neighbors; we looked out for each other and helped each other; and we "played" together.  I was happy to live there.
As an adult and as a Navy wife, I've lived in a lot of different communities and on both coasts of the U.S.  But it always seemed to me that something was missing.  Eventually, I realized that what was missing was that sense of being a part of a neighborhood.  
On the day that I moved in to Oaks North in 2013, I knew that I'd found my neighborhood again.  The people here care about each other and the sense of "community" is strong.  I wanted to be a part of maintaining and constantly helping to build the community pride that I see here.  It's why I'm very proud to be serving as a member of your Board of Directors.  I am happy to live HERE.